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סטיילינג בעיצוב מיכל בר חיים


אדריכלות ועיצוב פנים: תהילה שלף אדריכלים | צילום: עמית גירון

PROFILE   |   Michal Bar Haim

Michal Bar Haim owns and leads interior design and space styling studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Graduate of HIT with local and abroad experience spanning over 20 years.

The studio is exploring with each and every project design principles in the space and its influence on human, through sensitive and carful interpretation of the client needs, creational dialog and precision of accurate details.

The design style is categorized with modern approach, minimalism with timeless classical statement. We specialize in private houses, luxury residential apartments and office spaces.

In the past few years the studio is specializing with Interior styling services for private clients and companies, with intimate professional consultancy.

Among our services we provide unique service for architects – Styling for Photography.


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